Breathe Deeply
Written and illustrated by Doton Yamaaki
US$16.95, 476 pages, Paperback, Graphic Fiction

A battle ensues over life and death, machines or clones, create synthetic hearts or grow them? Two boys, Sei and Oishi, fall madly in love for Yuko. Her loss wreaks havoc in their young lives as relentless memories cease to fade. As a result their tender hearts are dedicated to a dream that no one will ever suffer their excruciating pain again. But, is what they had thought been a lie? Is there still a chance that their suffering may end? Will mercy and love prevail?
This exhilarating masterpiece of graphic fiction begs readers to forget what they know about manga. Within this volume lies a new frontier for in story telling.

Author Profile

Doton Yamaaki is the name for a husband and wife story telling team. Together they have won numerous awards for graphic fiction, including the Chiba Tetsuya Young Dept. Award and the Manga Open’s Watase Seizou Award. Their work has been serialized in numerous magazines, such as Mister Magazine, Morning, and Kindai Mahjong Gold. This is their first work to be translated into English.

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