2023/1/19 Thursday

UK Anime Network on Captain Corinth

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n a future where humanity is fighting against alien “bugs”, flesh eating creatures menacing the many planets inhabited by humans, Lt. Corinth is on his way to meet the rest of his fleet. A sudden attack causes the ship to go down mid-warp, losing all hands. Promoted by the ship's AI to Captain, Corinth has to abandon ship to land a on an unknown world where swords and magic are the pillars of society.

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2023/1/4 Wednesday

Otaku USA Reviews Captain Corinth Vol 1

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The manga series Captain Corinth: The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes an Adventurer is based on web novels. This science fiction story takes place many years in the future, and the main character, Alan Corinth, is in deep space. When something goes awry, he ends up alone on a planet where humans are able to breathe oxygen.

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2022/12/12 Monday

Usotoki Rhetoric Named Top 10 Manga of 2022

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he popularity of manga continued to increase in 2022, with a strong boost from anime adaptations of series, such as Spy x Family and Chainsaw Man. That enabled manga publishers to launch an array of new series, some in familiar genres and others that go in unexpected directions. Here are 10 of our favorite manga from 2022.

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2022/12/7 Wednesday

ANN: Usotoki Rhetoric Vol1 Review

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In the first year of the Showa Era (1926), a young woman named Kanoko has left her village because of the fear and hate generated over her power to hear when someone is lying. She thinks she's found a job in Tsukumaya Town only to find out that she was wrong, and she's about to move on when she has an encounter with a private detective named Soma. Far from being horrified by her power, Soma's excited about it, and before she quite knows what's happening, Kanoko finds that she does have a job in Tsukumaya Town – as Soma's assistant.

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2022/10/7 Friday

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Author and Mangaka on Taking Us to Another World

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Kurokata's quirky isekai light novel series The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic began coming out in August, and the manga adaptation by Kugayama Reki will hit shelves this November. Both series are published by One Peace Books, and Kurokata and Kugayama Reki spoke to Otaku USA about their work, how they got started, and what they'd like Western fans to know about them.

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2022/9/27 Tuesday

Otaku USA: Usotoki Rhetoric

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Usotoki is a Japanese word that refers to lying, and Kanoko, the lead in Usotoki Rhetoric, has a unique skill: she can tell when people speak lies. It's made her a freak and outsider where she lives, because, well, people who lie don't like being called out for it. Knowing that she's no longer wanted there, Kanoko journeys from her home, trying to find a new life and work elsewhere.

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2022/9/16 Friday

ANN: The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Novel 1

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High school nobody Usato was just waiting for the rain to stop after someone took his umbrella when he unexpectedly meets two of his school's most popular students. Happily, they're both really nice, and Usato quickly feels like they're all on their way to becoming good friends. Unhappily, the two of them get summoned to another world, and he's pulled along with them! Kazuki and Suzune are of course the heroes the kingdom was looking for, but Usato's far from useless – he turns out to have the rarest of all powers, healing magic. He'll be really helpful in fighting off the demonsassuming that the training doesn't kill him first.

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2022/9/1 Thursday

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Is an Isekai That Mixes Comedy and Drama

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The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic is a manga based on a light novel series. It opens with high schooler Usato, who thinks his life is boring. Well, it's about to get a lot less boring. He's hanging out with the school's council president and vice president (and very aware of how insignificant he is compared to them) when the three of them are suddenly sucked into another world.

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2022/7/1 Friday


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The Rising of the Shield Hero has become a global hit. Starting out as a light novel series, it has spawned into other forms, including a manga series and an anime adaptation. The anime is currently airing on Crunchyroll, and both the light novels and manga are being published in America by One Peace Books. Author Aneko Yusagi and manga adapter Aiya Kyu both spoke exclusively with Otaku USA about their work, their favorite characters, and what they'd like Western fans to know about them.

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2022/5/26 Thursday

Anime News Network reviews The Music of Marie

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Marie floats above her world, giving comfort and protection to all who see her. Her land is peaceful and calm, and none who live in it are hateful or violent. Below her, the boy Kai grows into manhood, and as he does so, he begins to hear the subtle music of Marie, inaudible to others. This music will lead him on a journey of discovery, and grant him a startling realization about the nature of Marie and of the world.

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