An interview with Last Note.

1) So, let’s start of with your name. How and where did you come up with the name Last Note. and why?

When you put on perfume the first scent is referred to as the “first note.” And after a little while, the scent begins to change, which is referred to as the “middle note.” Lastly, the scent that remains long after you applied the perfume is the “last note.” Like the last note of the scent, I wanted to make music and work that would last.

2) When did you first discover Vocaloids?

I was watching the website Niconico Douga, and saw a song that used a Vocaloid. That was first time I witnessed this new ability to create music and wanted to try it out myself.

3) There are some very interesting characters in Mikagura School Suite. How did you come up with the various characters that appear in the series?

First, I came up with the idea of having a school that only had cultural clubs. Then I thought of the kind of interesting characters that would be in those clubs. To be sensitive, I wanted to also include characters that weren’t straight. Also, an acquaintance said to me, “whatever you make will have a fair amount of yourself in it.” I can understand that in the case of Himi Yasaka, but does Shigure Ninomiya also have some of myself in him? Do I really have those kind of perverted tendencies as well? When I thought about it I was a little shocked.

4) Is there anything you would like to say to your American fans?

It’s hard for me to imagine people enjoying my work across the sea, but nevertheless I’m happy to hear it. I’m afraid of airplanes, so I’ve never left Japan. And my English is atrocious. Even if I were able to make the trip, I would only be able to say “really!?” or “wow!!” to everything. I wonder if I’d be accepted in America? Regardless, I’d be delighted if people in America enjoy my music and my novels.