2020/5/28 Thursday

Yattatachi reviews The New Gate Vol 2

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In Volume 2 of The New Gate, our main character, Shin, continues to do what every MMORPG player does best: go on quests. Using the adventurer guild's quest board, he finds rank-appropriate challenges to undertake (even though he could actually do anything he wants) and continues to gather information about the world, resolving incidents as they come along.

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2020/5/21 Thursday

Manga Worth Reading reviews The New Gate Vol 1

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What sets this book apart from other Isekai is the concept. Shin is overpowered, like many isekai protagonists. Unlike just about every other story of its type, there's a reason he's as strong as he is. He earned all his powers and skills through years of grinding in the MMO version of The New Gate. The isekai version may not be exactly the world he remembers. But, it's close enough that he can walk around and do things without feeling like an outsider.

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2020/5/6 Wednesday

The New Gate Manga Turns Fantasy Games into Reality

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20-year-old Shin loves playing video games. The New Gate opens with him appearing as if inside the game itself, fighting a boss. The marvels of virtual reality! He defeats the boss, wins the game, and gets ready to log out with his fellow gamers. But while he can see the others log out, he discovers he no longer has that option. He really is in the video game.

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2020/4/30 Thursday

AnimeNation Reviews The Spear Hero

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Aneko Yusagi's 2012 light novel series Rising of the Shield Hero, while not as macabre and gothic as something like Kentaru Miura's Berserk, is nonetheless a morose story about a protagonist's long battle for external and internal peace.

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2020/4/20 Monday

The New Gate is #1 on Kindle!

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The New Gate Vol 1 is number one in Action & Adventure Manga on Kindle today!

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2020/4/14 Tuesday

Sequential Ink Reviews The New Gate Volume 1

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For decades now, anime and manga have churned out story after story about people becoming trapped within a virtual reality world, and their adventures as they seek an escape from their digital prison. Numerous series have been built upon this premise, including the classic .hack franchise, but also more contemporary works such as Real Account. Fans of the genre can now add The New Gate—Yoshiyuki Miwa's adaption of Shinogi Kazanami's novel of the same name—to this ever growing list. What sets The New Gate apart from the others, is how it repurposes the endgame of many of the series into a starting point and the potential for it to delve into the aftermath of such events.

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2020/4/9 Thursday

Early The New Gate Vol. 1 Review by Outerhaven

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The New Gate is a brand-new manga adaptation from One Peace Book and Yoshiyuki Miwa. Miwa is adapting the original story of Shinogi Kazanami into a manga format. The story centers around Shin who is one of The Six a group of High Humans who were trapped inside of a virtual reality MMORPG. Defeating the final boss would grant everyone trapped in the game their freedom. Shin ends up defeating the boss, named Origin and grants everyone the ability to logout. Shin watches his friends logout one by one by monitoring their status on his friends list. When all of them are safely gone, he is about to logout himself when, suddenly, a gate opens and Shin is pulled into it. Shin finds himself trapped in a world based on the game he was playing, but 500 years in the future!

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2020/3/4 Wednesday

ALL-COMIC reviews Hinamatsuri Volume 6

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It's hard to describe Hinamatsuri as anything but pure insanity. The series has come a long way from its hilarious beginnings, and it's somehow managed to become even crazier in the process. Volume 6 puts this on full display, playing to the strenghts of its amazing cast and showcasing some of the series' best humor to date.

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2020/2/21 Friday

New manga coming this spring! The New Gate coming this April!

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A new PREVIEWS catalog means a new Manga Monthly, and we're back with the highlights from this month's lineup that will be heading your way this spring. Don't forget to pre-order your favorites at your local comic shop!

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2020/2/5 Wednesday

The Tap Takeover reviews Beer is for Everyone!

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Beer is a complex beverage, it can be brewed to many styles, it can have many flavors, its ingredients can be combined to evoke many flavors. It is a true blend of science and art. But you know what else beer is? Beer is fun, be can be for everyone and that's the ethos cartoonist, and Advanced Cicerone® Em Sauter espouses in her book, Beer is for Everyone (of drinking age).

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