2018/12/1 Saturday

The Outerhaven reviews The Reprise of the Shield Hero

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The Reprise of the Spear Hero Vol. 1 Review

2018/10/11 Thursday

Rightstuf reviews Hinamatsuri Vol 1

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Stop me if you've heard this story before: What if a yakuza had to raise a superpowered kid from the future?

If you have heard of it, it's probably because you've watched Hinmatsuri, the darling of the spring anime season. Now the original manga is being released by One Peace, and it's great for both anime watchers and newcomers (like me).

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2018/9/27 Thursday

Otaku USA reviews Hinamatsuri Vol 1

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To be fair, Hina isn't just any little girl. She falls out of the sky in a giant, oval, egg-shaped object, landing squarely on Nitta's head. At first just her face is visible through the object and Nitta chalks up the strangeness to having had too much alcohol. But then the face talks, asking for help getting out. And then out steps a middle-schooled age girl: Hina.

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2018/9/19 Wednesday

Hooray for HInamatsuri: AnimeNation reviews volume 1

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On the heels of the series premiering as an acclaimed anime television series in April 2018, One Peace Books has brought the original Japanese distinctly odd couple style manga to English speaking readers.

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2018/9/12 Wednesday

The Outerhaven is first to review Hinamatsuri Volume 1

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inamatsuri is a story from Masao Ohtake involving a girl named Hina who came to Earth in an egg-like cocoon, crashing into the home of Yoshifumi Nitta, a member of the Yakuza. To make matters worse, Hina has telekinetic powers that she has to use in order to keep them under control. Life for Nitta just got turned upside down when he takes her into his home but a bond between the two of them begins to form!

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2018/7/3 Tuesday

Rightstuf Anime's 31st Golden Birthday Sale!

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Head over to Rightstuf (link below) and check out all the stuff they have on sale! You can pick up Shield Hero bundles for great prices! If you haven't purchased your copies of this amazing series yet, now is the time to do it!

2018/4/16 Monday

Anime News Network announces our new licenses for this fall!

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“One Peace Books confirmed with ANN that it plans to release Masao Ohtake's Hinamatsuri and Yuki Fumino's I Hear the Sunspot: Limit manga, as well as Aneko Yusagi's The Reprise of the Spear Hero novels in North America.”

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2018/3/22 Thursday

Forbes quotes Em Sauter in recent article

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Craft Breweries Dominate The Top 50, But Guess Which Giants Rule The Beer Market

Em Sauter, a certified beer judge and the author of Beer is for Everyone! (of Drinking Age), uses the term macro brewery — often defined as a brewery annually producing more than 6 million barrels of beer — for the beer giants.

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2018/3/13 Tuesday


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Em Sauter's book Beer Is for Everyone—and the web comic Pints and Panels on which it is based—is a simple concept brilliantly executed. Em is a cartoonist and an Advanced Cicerone®, and she combines her two seemingly disparate passions into a single project: cartoon beer reviews.

The concept could seem like a gimmick if Em didn't pull it off so well. Her simple but effective drawings are disarming and cheerful, immediately removing some of the intimidation factor some might face when reading beer reviews as novices, and the economy of information she provides is helpful without burdening the reader with insider language. As both an Advanced Cicerone and a brewery professional (she works for Two Roads Brewing in her home state of Connecticut), Em knows more about beer than the vast majority of drinkers, but she doesn't feel the need to prove it constantly. She likes beer, she wants everyone to like beer, and her easy-going, humorous style helps readers feel like she'd probably like them too if they ever got the chance to grab a pint together.

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2018/2/19 Monday

2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens! I Hear the Sunspot makes the list!

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YALSA, part of the American Library Association, voted I Hear the Sunspot onto their 2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list!

YALSA mission is to support library staff in alleviating the challenges teens face, and in putting all teens ‒ especially those with the greatest needs ‒ on the path to successful and fulfilling lives.

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YALSA website here:

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