2016/6/29 Wednesday

Manhattan Book Review: The Stumps of Flattop Hill

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Everyone likes to be scared. Right? Even little ones. This little book is just the ticket for that need to feel a good fright. The illustrations alone will send a chill down tiny spines. They are all done in spooky shades of blacks, whites, and sepia tones. They will bring to mind the ominous drawings of Edward Gorey. They are filled with interesting details that add to the mystery of the story.

2016/6/23 Thursday

Belushi: On a Mission from God

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“This book will be on my coffee table for the next few months, and I'm looking forward to revisiting it often, as well as share it with friends.”


And here's another blogger who likes to look at the spreads.

Wink Books:

2016/6/2 Thursday

We the Nerdy on The Stumps

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I've uh, never reviewed a kid's picture book before. As an adult without children, I don't ever really run into them, though I'm a firm believer that kid's fiction can and should appeal to everyone. And hell, some of my favorite novels are kid's books. The Golden Compass, Harry Potter And the Sorcerer's Stone, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Marlfox, and The Hobbit all spring to mind as amazing stories for kids and adults alike.

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2016/5/26 Thursday

Marnie Galloway on The Comics Alternative

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Derek talks with Marnie Galloway about the publication of her first graphic novel, In the Sounds and Seas. This beautiful hardbound text was released earlier this month from One Peace Books, but her work on this project has a long and interesting history. The first third of the narrative was a 2012 Xeric Award winner — and in the final year that the Xeric grant was given to comics artists — and the entire story was originally released in three self-published volumes, the final one coming out in early 2016. Marnie discusses with Derek her decision to complete her story in this manner, even after receiving a contract from One Peace for the collected edition. They also talk about the challenges of telling a compelling story through a wordless text, the question of her art as visual poetry, and the various literary references woven into her narrative. Along the way, they take the time to discuss her various other comics and why she particularly enjoys writing in the short-story form. In the Sounds and Seas debuted at this year's Toronto Comic Arts Festival, so Marnie shares her experiences at the event along with the thrills of being able to showcase her new book to such a major audience. This is an impressive work from a young creator whom we are sure to hear more from in the coming months.

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2016/5/12 Thursday

The Creepy Crypt

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From award-winning author and illustrator, Ken Lamug comes a cautionary tale that will scare and delight readers of all ages. The story follows a little girl named Florence, who is dared by her friends to go into a haunted house, that resides at the top of Flattop Hill. Florence is fearful but she plucks up the courage to go inside. The house is full of mystery and as with most children, the urge to explore is hard to resist.

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2016/5/5 Thursday

The Stumps receives Literary Classics' Seal of Approval

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he Stumps of Flattop Hill, written and illustrated by Kenneth Kit Lamug, is a deliciously macabre children's picture book which will capture the imaginations of young readers. Children will thrill at the story of Florence as, trance-like, she defies common sense by acting on a dare. Does she do it to prove she's not afraid; or is there another reason she embarks upon this frightful encounter? Regardless, we are reminded that there are consequences to one's actions. Hauntingly reminiscent of tales by the brothers Grimm, The Stumps of Flattop Hill will appeal to readers who enjoy a more unique spin on children's picture books.

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2016/5/4 Wednesday

The author of The Stumps of Flattop Hill interviewed in Germany!

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Las Vegas-based author and illustrator Kenneth Lamug has published a new childrens book, The Stumps of Flattop Hill. In this dark yet amusing tale following the tradition of the Brother's Grimm”, Ken tells the story of Florence, a little girl who enters a haunted house - both frightened and courageous. With it's fine and detailed artwork, The Stumps of Flattop Hill immediately caught our attention. We were happy to hear Ken's thoughts about haunted houses, the importance of a scary fairy tale, and the tradition of storytelling.

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2016/4/27 Wednesday

Comics and Cashmere

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Growing up, many of us can remember how scared we were of the most haunted house in the neighborhood. The stories were forever evolving to insert plots or backgrounds that grew more and more sinister, but the foundation of the story remained the same – the house itself was creepy, with or without the stories…

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2016/4/20 Wednesday

The Harvard Book Review on Runoff

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Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Runoff is its familiar and personal quality. The story takes place in a town called Range, which Manning modeled after his hometown of Enumclaw, Washington. Although the events that occur in Range are almost too fantastic to fathom, the people and places seem so real that the story is wholly believable. The tale begins with a gruesome murder that has the Range police force worried that there is a true monster in their midst. No one is safe from the violent culprit because, although anyone can enter Range, it is impossible to get out. The town is plunged into mystery and chaos as the death toll rises, authority unravels, and a string of supernatural events terrifies even the most heroic citizens.

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2016/4/7 Thursday

Author & Illustrator Kenneth Lamug on The Stumps of Flattop Hill

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