2021/3/18 Thursday

Metropolis reviews My Pointless Struggle by Yohei Kitazato

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The secret to success in Japan's cut-throat business world? Being as selfish as possible.

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2021/2/16 Tuesday

My Pointless Struggle is now available!

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The newly translated inspirational memoir My Pointless Struggle is now available, by accomplished Japanese author, publishing guru, hookah lounge operator, and real estate CEO Yohei Kitazato. Kitazato combines exciting retellings of his adventurous mishaps—which include exploring a legendary South American isle and boxing against a world champion—with daring, pragmatic advice for truly courageous dream-chasers.

My Pointless Struggle is now available on Amazon, B&N, and IndieBound.

2020/12/1 Tuesday

All-Comic reviews Farming Life in Another World

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The isekai genre is everywhere these days, and it's safe to say that its popularity won't be losing steam. That said, even with the genre's saturation, there are still plenty of interesting isekai titles that are being released. Farming Life in Another World is one such manga that takes the trope and spins it on its head, crafting a subdued yet satisfying series.

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2020/11/23 Monday

Exclusive Interview: A Chat with the Creators of Farming Life in Another World

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Otaku USA spoke to both Naito and Tsurugi about their work, the manga adaptation, and what experience they have farming.

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2020/11/12 Thursday

Otaku USA weighs in on Farming Life in Another World

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Hiraku spent his twenties working for a terrible company. He spent his thirties sick in bed. At 39, he died. But then God gives him another chance.

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2020/9/30 Wednesday

Anime Nation weighs in on Farming Life with the manga's second official review!

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While the traditional Japanese literary concept of living a lifetime in another world may date back to the Japanese Urashima Taro fairy tale, the modern provision of the concept arose within anime in 1983 and has steadily become more entrenched, prolific, and diverse. Author Naito Kinosuke cultivated a unique breed of the isekai concept in 2016 with the premiere of the light novel series A Leisurely Farmer in Another World (Isekai Nonbiri Nouka). The pleasant, innocuous story quickly gained popularity and spawned a manga adaptation in 2018. One Peace Books is now bringing the popular manga adaptation to American readers with an authorized English translation. The first volume introduces the setting and scenario, founding cast, and the story's quirky amiable tone.

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2020/9/28 Monday

Farming Life in Another World Vol 1 gets its first review!

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Farming Life in Another World looks to take a bit of a slice of life approach to the isekai genre without sacrificing the fantasy elements that isekai has come to be known for.

Read more at The Outerhaven: Farming Life in Another World Vol. 1 Review

2020/8/21 Friday

New Display at Kinokuniya New York!

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With the animated series proving to be a massive success, fandom for the Shield Hero has only been rising!

Bookstores around the country are taking note, and creating their own exclusive displays. Recently Kinokuniya New York set up a display in their Manhattan store! Check it out! And if you live in New York, please stop by the store!

kinokuniya ny 1.jpg

2020/5/28 Thursday

Yattatachi reviews The New Gate Vol 2

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In Volume 2 of The New Gate, our main character, Shin, continues to do what every MMORPG player does best: go on quests. Using the adventurer guild's quest board, he finds rank-appropriate challenges to undertake (even though he could actually do anything he wants) and continues to gather information about the world, resolving incidents as they come along.

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2020/5/21 Thursday

Manga Worth Reading reviews The New Gate Vol 1

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What sets this book apart from other Isekai is the concept. Shin is overpowered, like many isekai protagonists. Unlike just about every other story of its type, there's a reason he's as strong as he is. He earned all his powers and skills through years of grinding in the MMO version of The New Gate. The isekai version may not be exactly the world he remembers. But, it's close enough that he can walk around and do things without feeling like an outsider.

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